The Ultimate Guide to Extended Travel – Almost Available!

After more than a year writing my first book about all things extended travel, the editing process is almost complete. Soon enough it will be available on Amazon for you to get your hands on!

If you’d like to purchase the book at a $5 discount within the first 2 weeks that it’s available, make sure that you share your email address with me NOW. Plug it in to the ‘Learn My Travel Secrets’ section to the right of this blog.

There is a secret link at the back of the book which will put owners like you in contact with awesome video content not available to anyone else. Stuff you’ll want to see, hear and feel!

I’m so looking forward to helping you on your journey to discover the world.

Here’s what a friend of mine has already said about the book:

“What a read! This is an awesome reference book on so many levels. Whether you’re thinking about taking a great big scary leap into the awesome unknown world of solo travel or the very brave world of travelling with a family, this book is a must. It covers all you need to know to get you thinking and believing you can live your dreams. Take it from me, I’ve traveled for most of my 44 years, and I have an absolute passion for travel, so much so that I became a flight attendant and have been for the past 16 years. Like Brad, it’s a passion that kicked off from a very, very young age, and I’ve not stopped, nor will I ever. Brad, you’re a super star on so many levels. Your passion for health and travel is second to none. Continue living the dream, and never give up.”

Natasha Wedding – Flight attendant since 1999

Will be in touch again soon!

The Proposed Explore Now Book 1 Cover


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