Are you desperately craving a break?


Do you feel like you’ve been a slave to the grind for a long time? Let’s paint a picture: Each year you take a 2-3 week break as per your work restrictions. You travel somewhere and try to fit in as much as possible, wearing yourself out even more, and then you need a holiday from the holiday! If only you could get away from it all…for longer. You could travel to some far off destination or discover the beauties of your own country at leisure, for longer than just the ‘normal’ couple of weeks. You’re sick of ‘normal’, but you don’t know where to start and you’re SCARED. I know you are, because I was too! There is so much FEAR involved with taking a long time off work, responsibilities, bills, pets, partners and family. Too many logistics. So you shelve the idea for another day.


Maybe your dream has been to travel for 1 month. Perhaps 3 or 6 months. Maybe you want to go for a year sabbatical, or the idea of living abroad is appealing. You’re single, you’re in a relationship or you have a family to consider. Well, I’m here to tell you, that traveling in each of these scenarios is ALL very possible and affordable for everyone. My wife and I have traveled solo and together, and now with our young daughter. You can read about us and our experience with travel on our About Page. It is incredibly enriching to have extended periods away from your ‘real life’. YOU can most certainly do this too. I’m going to show you how to do it, every step of the way, aside of actually holding your hand to the airport! Let me make this clear. You DO NOT have to be rich to do this and it’s NOT about luck. It will require dreaming and planning on your part, but I will show you how to do both.

This ultimate guide to extended travel is my book that will guide you every step of the way to living your travel dreams!


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