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24 Oct Explore Now is back after 10 years!

Wow. We can’t really believe it’s been that long! 10 years ago this year, my wife Rebecca and I set out on a round the world (RTW) trip for 18 months that changed our lives and set the scene for our future. We had our first successful website called ExploreNow.net that paved the way for us to do things on our trip we had only dreamed of. So why are we back after such a hiatus?

A good question with a great answer. WE love travel. As I write this, we are currently at the tail end of another RTW trip. A 7 month trip with our 5 year old daughter Kaiya. It’s been an amazing adventure. Daily we have people asking us how we are doing what we are doing again, for so long, especially with a child. Well, we decided it was time for the masses to know how we do it. So I set myself a task to write myself ‘The Ultimate Guide to Extended Travel’ and it’s ending up being 2 books! I’ve got so much to say about it all. I’m excited about it, and I know that I can’t put all this time and effort into doing them and then not have a vehicle in which to share it with people. Hence this new revamped version or Explore Now found at www.explorenowworldtravel.com.

Keep on this email list to be alerted to when the books are available. The plan is for PDF, Kindle and print on demand soft cover books.

For now stay pumped to travel, by reading our old blogs that we are re-releasing to the world one by one why will receive in our newsletters and you can read anytime within the Explore section.

Speak again soon!

Yours in travel,


Note: Our future travel is now powered by WV!
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